Engine Carbon Clean

Save money and help the environment with a clean engine

Engine Carbon Clean to reduce emissions and save money

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to easily, quickly and gently clean your car engine?

This would allow you to:

  • Reduce car pollution and emissions, to help the environment and pass stricter emissions tests
  • Reduce your fuel consumption and save money on parts
  • Improve engine performance and reduce faults

Well, you’re in luck! Hy-Carbon-S has been used in the industrial sector for a while (trains, ships, etc.), but now this proven technology is available to cars, and Tivoli have invested for the benefit of their customers and the air!

How does car engine cleaning work?

“By injecting hydrogen into the air intake of your engine, the carbon cleaning is done delicately and thoroughly.” This simple service takes 30 minutes or an hour and can be done on its own, or as an addition to a service. With the fuel savings and reduced wear and faults on parts, the engine clean pays for itself!

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The science bit

The combustion inside the engine causes soot to build up in the cylinders, pistons, valves and the turbo. This can prevent the engine from working properly, causing problems such as difficulty starting, loss of power and  the need to replace parts.

Reap the benefits of a cleaner engine

3/4 of engine faults are the result of being clogged. With a Hy-Carbon-S engine clean, you know your engine is as clean as it can be, decreasing pollution and expensive problems, and improving car performance and cost -efficiencies. It’s win-win!